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Mid-Range Prague Hotels

This is the mid-range listings page containing our cheap hotels in Prague, here you find listed hotels that fall into our mid-range class, these generally are 3 star hotels. Providing accommodation with mostly the essentials and some basic facilities in prime locations. Ideal for sight seeing and short stays.

Upper-Range Hotels in Prague

This is the Upscale listings page, here you find listed hotels that fall into our Upscale class, these generally are 4 and 5 star hotels. These hotels provide excellent facilities, service & accommodation these are among the best quality of accommodation.

Luxury Hotels in Prague

This is the Luxury listings page, here you find listed hotels that fall into our luxury class, these generally are 5 star hotels. These hotel are the elite, this list of hotels are the world renowned. The sort of accommodation that you never wish to leave.

3 Star Prague Hotels
  Hotel Ametyst
Andante Hotel
Hotel Apollo
Ariston Hotel
Atel Albatros Botel
Atel Avion
Atel Golf Hotel
Atel Ilf Hotel
Atel Opera
Belvedere Hotel
Comfort Prague Airport
Hotel Olea
Residence Mala Strana
Nitsch Hotel
Quality Hotel Prague
Residence Apartments
U Tri Korunek
4 Star Prague Hotels
  Arcotel Teatrino
Atel Club Bohemia
Club Hotel Praha
Corinthia Panorama Hotel
Diplomat Prague Hotel
Dorint Don Giovanni Prague
Golden Tulip Maximillian
Hoffmeister Hotel
Holiday Inn Congress Centre
Jalta Hotel
K+K Hotel Fenix
Movenpick prague
Top Hotel Ambassador
5 Star Prague Hotels
  Corinthia Towers Hotel
Four Seasons Hotel
Hotel Inter-Continental Praha
Marriott Prague
Palace Hotel Praha
Praha hotel
Savoy Hotel